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openfree difference among individuals & populations in one species.


Point Variation


The is an openfree web resource and encyclopedia of world wide SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism), SV, Indels, CNV, and other variants. aims to support the international genome variance researches by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and disseminating variome information.  

What are Variome and Variomics?

Are humans a single species?: Yes, but with many diverse sub puplations from ancient and modern propagations.


Ethnic variomes:

   KoVariome  |  Chinese variome  |  Japanese variome



openfree variome information guildeline

Current Research (Please list your projects here)


Web Resources 

Research results


Broadly External Links

a PASNP site: Pan Asia SNP project related site.
siphs:a life sciences community,
Medicine and molecular biology DB
dbGap: a Database of Genome Wide Association Studies
FESTA tagSNP picker
Haplo, Haplot
Allele Frequency Database at Yale. USA

Q & A


Meetings and conferences
International Meetings on Variome

SNP Basics

Variome Server at PGI, GRF.


Variomics and SNP References

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    3. Shriver et al, 2004, The genome distribution of population substructure in four populations using 8,524 autosomal SNPs.
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