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항목 한글 영문
ID rs10411210
염색체 chr19
염색체상 위치 33532300
표준게놈 유전형 C
위험 유전형 C
변이 종류   intron_variant
인족별 분포  
관련 표현형 결장(직장)암 Colorectal cancer
관련 논문   [PMID 21119214OA-icon.png] Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility Loci in a Population-Based Study: Associations with Morphological Parameters

[PMID 22363440OA-icon.png] cis-Expression QTL Analysis of Established Colorectal Cancer Risk Variants in Colon Tumors and Adjacent Normal Tissue

[PMID 22367214OA-icon.png] Characterization of gene-environment interactions for colorectal cancer susceptibility loci

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[PMID 21314996OA-icon.png] Systematic search for enhancer elements and somatic allelic imbalance at seven low-penetrance colorectal cancer predisposition loci.

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[PMID 23359760OA-icon.png] Single-nucleotide polymorphism associations for colorectal cancer in southern chinese population

[PMID 22848671OA-icon.png] Association of eleven common, low-penetrance colorectal cancer susceptibility genetic variants at six risk loci with clinical outcome.

[PMID 22999960OA-icon.png] Much of the genetic risk of colorectal cancer is likely to be mediated through susceptibility to adenomas.

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[PMID 24854447] Association analysis of colorectal cancer susceptibility variants with gastric cancer in a Chinese Han population

[PMID 25021488] PWE-010 The Association Of Tgfb Signalling Pathway Gene Polymorphisms With Colorectal Cancer Risk: A Meta-analysis

비고 표준게놈은 hg19 기준입니다.